About Us

Our Story

Diava was founded in 2020. One day, we continue our way with the principle of gathering all dentists in the world under the same roof.

Our Mission

We think that everyone has the right to receive service in a friendly and high quality dental clinic.

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer you preventive and curative dentistry services all over the world, using affordable prices and the latest technology.

Goals of The Dentists in our system

Expert Team in the Field

Our team consists of physicians who are experts in their fields, young dynamics and who love their profession.

Innovative Applications

We follow the innovations in the field of dental health and serve with the latest technology.

Solution Focused Treatment

We listen to our patients and offer them appropriate treatment options.

Friendly Service

We love our job, we welcome our patients with a smiling face and make them comfortable.

Dental Tourism

Treatment Planning

We examine x-rays before the trip, provide information about treatment planning by phone, process and fees.

We arrange a preliminary interview with our chosen physician and provide counseling before treatment.


Organized according to the dates you want, we plan your treatment to make the most of your time.

Transportation / Transfer

We welcome our patients from the airport and send them off at the airport after their treatment.

Hotel reservation

We make your hotel reservation on behalf of you from contracted hotels close to our clinic.